How does the Government’s energy efficiency plan affect heating and air conditioning at companies? Questions from the labor point of view

The recently approved energy saving and efficiency measures directly affect the temperature that companies must have in their facilities but, at the same time, raise questions that leave room for interpretation as well as doubts about coexistence with other regulations.  Following the trend in legislation in connection with energy efficiency to which we referred in […]

Black friday: are workers entitled to receive personal packages at work?

The acceptance, prohibition or restriction of the receipt of purchases at the office must form part of the company’s internal policies, clearly indicating its position in advance so that employees know what the situation is and so as to organize the use of company resources that this may require. With Black Friday just days away, marking […]

Recording workers with hidden cameras does not necessarily violate the right to privacy

The recent ruling by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the López Ribalda case opens a new episode in the use of video surveillance as a means of monitoring by employers and concludes that there is no violation of the rights to privacy of workers who were not informed […]

Comer en la empresa, es obligatorio para la empresa?

Turnaround by the Supreme Court: company lunchrooms are no longer mandatory

The Supreme Court has handed down a pioneer decision that changes the criteria relating to an employer’s obligation to install a lunchroom at its work center. Companies with more than 50 workers are no longer be obliged to provide a lunch room for their workers. In a judgment given on December 13, 2018, the Labor […]