Spain: The National Appellate Court outlines the requirements relating to teleworking agreements and the consequences of non-compliance

Distance working is proving a challenge for employers, and its implementation in practice needs to be regulated internally. A judgment of the National Appellate Court has set out the key aspects to be considered in relation to teleworking agreements. Teleworking is defined as “distance working carried out through the use, exclusively or primarily, of information, […]

Personal days: keys to determining whether they are recoverable days and whether they are to be included for calculating fulfillment of the maximum annual working hours

In order to know how personal days should be treated at each organization, it is essential to check how they are defined in the collective labor agreement and look at the company’s standard practice. We often come across collective labor agreements that contain the worker’s right to take so-called discretionary days off, also known as […]

ERTE and Christmas hampers: are they compatible?

Due to the unforeseen and unprecedented impact of COVID-19, since mid-March 2020, many workers have been affected by contract suspension or reduced working hour procedures, known as temporary collective layoff procedures or ERTEs. In this post, we analyze whether said ERTE, especially in the case of suspended contracts, can affect the receipt of a Christmas […]

Codes of ethics and compliance with employment legislation

Company codes of ethics and conduct are useful as instruments with which to regulate interaction and relations within an organization and establish what is expected of each person in it, but they should never overreach their scope and encroach on areas which are regulated by employment legislation. Employment law requires companies to put measures in […]

Teleworking: the importance of a good agreement

To avoid possible legal problems relating to working remotely or teleworking, it is essential for an agreement to be reached between the company and worker that suitably regulates this form of working. The fact that teleworking is here to stay is a reality that has been highlighted by the current health crisis and imminent entry […]

Gender equality plan: time is of the essence

Since last March, companies with more than 150 workers are obliged to prepare and implement a gender equality plan. In March 2021, this requirement will be extended to all companies with more than 100 workers and, in 2022, companies with more than 50 employees will also have to comply. The unprecedented situation we have been […]

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