Sin acuerdo para el Brexit: ¿cómo afecta a empresas y trabajadores?

No-deal brexit: how will it affect companies and workers?

The United Kingdom has been postponing its departure from the European Union, following various unsuccessful attempts to secure an orderly exit, and all eyes are now on October 31, 2019. For the time being uncertainty looms for the other member states and their nationals, especially Spanish workers who are currently providing services in the United […]

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In Spain, we have more days of sun, but do we have less vacation?

In the European Union, all workers must have at least four weeks’ vacation per year, but in some States, such as France, they have up to 30 business days a year. In Spain, the minimum is 30 calendar days. Given the proximity of the holiday season, we ask ourselves whether we have too few or […]

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Diversity breaks into Spanish companies

Now that equal opportunity plans are a well-established reality in our legal system, diversity policies have arrived in force. Stricter regulations are slowly requiring companies to adopt specific measures to integrate diversity into their corporate cultures. Companies that are quick to do so with specific policies will have a competitive edge in the near future.Are […]

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Right to adapt working hours: much ado about nothing?

One of the hot topics in the employment arena is the right of workers to request adaptations to their working hours, as introduced by Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, of March 1, 2019, on urgent measures to guarantee equality. This right, which is set out in article 34.8 of the Workers’ Statute and is starting to be […]

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Not all pay slip formats are valid

At a time when companies are immersed in the not-always-easy process of complying with the different labor obligations imposed by the recent reforms (registration of working hours, recording of salaries, etc.), a new formal issue has to be added to the list: to revise the pay slip structure to ensure that it has no defects […]

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360º Assessment: an opportunity for professional development or a threat to the worker?

360º assessment processes enable workers to assess the performance of their own colleagues, a measure that requires the transparency of the procedure, confidentiality of the information obtained and the monitoring of results. 360º assessment appears as a useful tool for regular assessment of company employees’ professional performance that provides a large volume of information relating to how […]

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