Reduction of the maximum working hours: 4-day week or fewer hours in annual calculation?

The question of whether to reduce working hours is being analyzed in different countries. There has been much comment in recent years about the possible reduction of the working week to 4 days. However, this change is not exempt from debate due to the impact it will have on the business organization. For a legislative […]

Family co-responsibility, key element to equal opportunities for men and women at the workplace

Co-responsibility is the equal sharing of household chores and family responsibilities between men and women. The latest legislative reforms on equality in the workplace (and the interpretation of judicial bodies) are inspired by this concept, seeking to ensure that men and women enjoy equally measures related to family care. The aim: ensuring that women’s professional […]

Spain – The overlap of the weekly rest, does it entitle to benefit from an additional day off?

The answer to this question depends on the regulation of the collective bargaining agreement and the company’s practice on scheduling weekly rests. The setting of the right to rest of employees creates regular disputes and there are multiple judicial decisions that interpret differently the regulations of this right. The labor courts start from the different […]

Spain: This is how the breastfeeding leave will be after the entry into force of Royal Decree-law 7/2023

The recently approved regulation (*) eliminates the need of a collective bargaining or individual agreement with the company when approving the accumulation of breastfeeding leave but does not change anything in terms of the duration of this leave. In the era of clickbait – in Spanish, according to the RAE, cyberhook, cyberbait or clickcatcher – […]

Must the company pay the overtime claimed if there is no record of working hours?

The majority opinion of the labor courts determines that the employer’s breach to comply with the obligation to record working hours presume the performance of overtime if evidence is provided by the employee. Traditional case law on overtime required the employee to prove the performance of all the overtime claimed, demanding strict and detailed proof […]

Infringement of the right to digital disconnection does not justify any additional compensation

The Labor Chamber of the High Court of Justice of Catalonia has determined that subduing  an employee to very long working days and untimely working time, thus compromising his right to rest and digital disconnection, entitles the employee to the right to extinguish the contractual relationship, but not to be awarded any compensation associated with […]

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