Derecho a la desconexión absentismo despido

Right to privacy and digital disconnection: can the company call an employee on sick leave?

Absenteeism from work is a problem of concern to companies. One of its main causes is temporary incapacity, so it is common for organizations to consider implementing protocols to verify the employee’s state of health, in which the possibility of contacting the employee is contemplated. But can companies call employees on sick leave? According to […]

The use of artificial intelligence raises some challenges for labor relations

Technological developments have promoted the emergence of solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI), with an infinity of possible applications in many different areas, including labor relations. The use of AI in this area raises several questions from a legal and human resources perspective, from the specific issues in which these tools may be useful to […]

Performance appraisal systems have labor as well as data protection implications

Systems that measure performance are essential for companies, as the individual productivity of their staff directly affects their competitiveness. The implementation  and/or modification of these systems, as well as the appraisal of performance, may have legal implications that are not only limited to labor law but also impact other areas such as data protection. In […]

Data protection challenges in an employment context

Technological evolution, globalization and the use of Internet constantly raise new questions regarding how to act in situations with a potential impact on personal data protection. This is especially relevant in an employment context, in which multiple situations arise in which it becomes necessary to analyze the impact of an employer’s decisions in connection with […]

Can a company punish a worker using images from another employee’s mobile phone as evidence?

The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) concluded in a decision that punishing one employee on the basis of images captured with a mobile phone of another employee breaches data protection legislation. Companies must be extremely careful about how they obtain proof to take action against employees on disciplinary grounds. In its decision, the AEPD addressed […]

How to apply spanish labor legislation?: ask europe

The Court of Justice of the European Union has been qualifying or directly modifying over the years the judgments of the Spanish courts, interpreting employment rules in the light of Community law. The Court of Justice of the European Union was created in 1952. Thirty-three years later, Spain and Portugal signed, in June, the treaty […]

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