Equality plan: can the employer implement a plan unilaterally if the union refuses to negotiate?

A recent judgment clears the way for employers to carry out the equality plan process without needing to negotiate it with the workers’ representatives where no response has been received from the union in the specified period. Since January 13, 2021, employers have been required to fully comply with the new equality obligations, following the […]

Diversity and equality make their way into companies

The introduction of inclusive policies that enable a suitable working environment for LGBT workers is becoming increasingly more common. This commitment takes place under the current legislation and by looking forward to the regulations that are currently being passed. International LGBT Pride Day, held on June 28, seeks to visualize the fight for equality by […]

An equality plan, the best gift to celebrate International Women’s Day

This year’s International Women’s Day in 2022 is commemorated after the entry in force of the obligation for all companies (unless they have fewer than 50 workers) to draw up and implement an equality plan. The companies employing between 50 and 99 workers are already obliged to have an equality plan. For companies with larger […]

The professional classification system may conceal remunerative discrimination between men and women

Companies should check whether there are positions that, despite belonging to different professional groups or categories, perform the same functions and should therefore receive the same salary. Could there be indirect gender discrimination if a company remunerates its staff according to the applicable sectorial collective bargaining agreement tables? Is remunerative discrimination possible if the functions […]

On the road to equality at work: Where are we?

In 1957 the Treaty of Rome already contemplated the principle of equal pay between male and female workers for equal work, and therefore barred pay discrimination based on gender. And in March 2020 we heard the President of the European Commission say that “Gender equality is a fundamental principle of the European Union, but is […]

Gender equality plan: time is of the essence

Since last March, companies with more than 150 workers are obliged to prepare and implement a gender equality plan. In March 2021, this requirement will be extended to all companies with more than 100 workers and, in 2022, companies with more than 50 employees will also have to comply. The unprecedented situation we have been […]

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