ERTE and Christmas hampers: are they compatible?

Due to the unforeseen and unprecedented impact of COVID-19, since mid-March 2020, many workers have been affected by contract suspension or reduced working hour procedures, known as temporary collective layoff procedures or ERTEs. In this post, we analyze whether said ERTE, especially in the case of suspended contracts, can affect the receipt of a Christmas […]

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Work situation in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has had a special impact on labor relations, as companies have been forced to take different measures to cope with the effects of the pandemic on their businesses. Nevertheless, perhaps it has gone unnoticed that these measures have been applied in the same way to persons with disabilities, who have also become […]

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Companies will have to pay the expenses associated to telework

The new legislation regulating working from home (called telework when electronic means are used) has finally been published and requires companies to pay the associated expenses or reimburse them, without workers assuming expenses related to equipment, tools or the necessary means to perform their work. But, will this have tax and Social Security consequences? Royal Decree-Law 28/2020, […]

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Gender equality plan: time is of the essence

Since last March, companies with more than 150 workers are obliged to prepare and implement a gender equality plan. In March 2021, this requirement will be extended to all companies with more than 100 workers and, in 2022, companies with more than 50 employees will also have to comply. The unprecedented situation we have been […]

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Video conferences hosted by the labor courts: online trials make progress with the pandemic

On May 12, the “de-escalation” commenced for the Administration of Justice and on June 4, procedural terms will recommence. Little by little, the courts are returning to business after months in which the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has given rise to progress in holding trials on line. Nevertheless, there are still important steps to be […]

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Inclusion and diversity: beyond equality, what can companies do?

Although Spain is one of the countries with the most advanced legislation on inclusion and diversity, companies can incorporate different initiatives that help to ensure the protection of everyone in a labor environment. On June 26, the world celebrated what is commonly known as the ‘LGBT Pride Day’. The date is not irrelevant and takes us […]

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