Derecho a la desconexión absentismo despido

Right to privacy and digital disconnection: can the company call an employee on sick leave?

Absenteeism from work is a problem of concern to companies. One of its main causes is temporary incapacity, so it is common for organizations to consider implementing protocols to verify the employee’s state of health, in which the possibility of contacting the employee is contemplated. But can companies call employees on sick leave? According to […]

The new obligations of the European directive on transparency and equal pay that will have to be adopted in Spain in the next few years

The 2023 directive on equal pay for men and women contains a series of pay transparency measures that Member States will have to adopt. Although Spanish legislation already contains measures in this subject, the directive goes further. It is therefore advisable to prepare for the regulatory changes that will come with its transposition into Spanish […]

The definition of ‘person with disability’ for the calculation of the 2% quota

The definition of the concept of ‘person with disability’ includes those who have been recognized permanent total disability (PTD), full permanent disability (FPD) or mayor invalidity (MI) pensions and pensioners of passive classes who have a retirement pension or retirement pension for permanent incapacity for service or futility. The latest regulatory changes and those expected […]

Reduction of the maximum working hours: 4-day week or fewer hours in annual calculation?

The question of whether to reduce working hours is being analyzed in different countries. There has been much comment in recent years about the possible reduction of the working week to 4 days. However, this change is not exempt from debate due to the impact it will have on the business organization. For a legislative […]

Occupational risk prevention, in adaptation phase to a new working environment

Close to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we review some of the challenges posed by occupational risk prevention and its regulation, such as, for example, achieving its true integration into company management, the framework of corporate responsibilities, considering different types of companies or the preventive legal status of self-employed workers.  Since […]

10 ways to attract and retain young talent in the company, with legal approach

Attracting and retaining young talent is one of the main objectives for companies. Incorporating the best profiles that have just joined the labor market into the workforce allows organizations to be more competitive, innovative, and diverse. The implementation of policies aimed at achieving these objectives requires knowledge of the possibilities offered by employment law. There […]

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