Occupational risk prevention, in adaptation phase to a new working environment

Close to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we review some of the challenges posed by occupational risk prevention and its regulation, such as, for example, achieving its true integration into company management, the framework of corporate responsibilities, considering different types of companies or the preventive legal status of self-employed workers.  Since […]

10 ways to attract and retain young talent in the company, with legal approach

Attracting and retaining young talent is one of the main objectives for companies. Incorporating the best profiles that have just joined the labor market into the workforce allows organizations to be more competitive, innovative, and diverse. The implementation of policies aimed at achieving these objectives requires knowledge of the possibilities offered by employment law. There […]

The use of artificial intelligence raises some challenges for labor relations

Technological developments have promoted the emergence of solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI), with an infinity of possible applications in many different areas, including labor relations. The use of AI in this area raises several questions from a legal and human resources perspective, from the specific issues in which these tools may be useful to […]

Family co-responsibility, key element to equal opportunities for men and women at the workplace

Co-responsibility is the equal sharing of household chores and family responsibilities between men and women. The latest legislative reforms on equality in the workplace (and the interpretation of judicial bodies) are inspired by this concept, seeking to ensure that men and women enjoy equally measures related to family care. The aim: ensuring that women’s professional […]

Spain – The overlap of the weekly rest, does it entitle to benefit from an additional day off?

The answer to this question depends on the regulation of the collective bargaining agreement and the company’s practice on scheduling weekly rests. The setting of the right to rest of employees creates regular disputes and there are multiple judicial decisions that interpret differently the regulations of this right. The labor courts start from the different […]

Dividends will increase the contribution for self-employed business owners

Self-employed business owners are entitled to compute the income resulting from participation in equity capital for the calculation of annual income, which, in practice, it implies an increase in the self-employed business owner’s contribution, under the new contribution system applicable to them in force since 2023. On January 1, 2023, the reform introduced by Royal […]

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