The dismissed workers’ legal representative loses this status as the judgment is being resolved

A judgment handed down by the Labor Chamber of the Supreme Court has declared that the status of workers’ representative cannot be exercised from the time of the disciplinary dismissal until the court ruling is handed down. This does not violate the provisions of article 67.3 of the Workers’ Statute regarding the duration of the […]

Members of the health and safety committee are not granted additional guarantees when they act on behalf of the company

The Supreme Court has clarified that members of the health and safety committee acting on behalf of the company do not have the same guarantees as members of the Works Council, given that the performance of their functions is not conditioned by the fear of retaliation. The health and safety committee is the body in […]

The labor reform will increase the number of worker representatives at companies

Following the labor reform introduced by Royal Decree-law 32/2021, published on December 30, 2021, an unprecedented reduction is foreseen in Spain in temporary contracts. This will also mean a significant increase in indefinite-term contracts and, especially, seasonal contracts, therefore with an increase in the number of worker representatives and trade union presence at companies. Until […]

The importance of having workers’ statutory representatives at workplaces

It is clear from various regulations approved over the last few years, that the role of labor unions in collective bargaining has been given a significant boost. Indeed, when addressing the subject of representative committees during consultation periods, legislation has given the most representative unions in the sector to which the company belongs a leading […]

The Spanish Data Protection Agency offers pointers on how to protect workers’ data

The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has published its guidelines on data protection in labor relations  to help both public and private organizations adequately comply with the law in force. The guidelines are in response to questions that have arisen in the current legal framework, particularly following publication of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in […]

Right to a work-life balance vs. the right to rest: which should prevail?

In the event of a conflict between a worker’s right to a work-life balance and the right to rest, which right should prevail? According to the Labor Chamber of the Canary Islands High Court, the right to a work-life balance should always “win” in this conflict, provided that it is evidenced that the timetable chosen […]

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