It is possible to deduct part of a worker’s salary for arriving late to work

Fernando Pomposo Labor Chamber Four of the Supreme Court has ruled that companies can deduct the time a worker arrives late to work from his/her salary if it is on a regular basis. The Court considered that “if the failure to provide services is solely attributable to the worker who arrives to work late, the […]

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Fines in connection with labor law infringements to increase by 20% as from October 1, 2021

  Law 10/2021, of July 9, 2021 on remote working, was published in the Official State Gazette on July 10, 2021. This law, not only regulates the provision of services under a remote working arrangement, but also includes a 20% increase in all fines due to infringements of labor legislation. Although final provision one of […]

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Worker vacation time is coming: what is the best contract to cover it?

When vacation is taken by some of the employees, especially when it coincides with a significant number of workers, it may cause an imbalance in company business and the need to hire other workers to substitute those on vacation. On certain occasions, this imbalance may be resolved using internal flexibility measures, such as the relocation […]

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creación de un fondo de pensiones de carácter abierto y colectivo y vinculado a las empresas

Company pension plans: the reform proposed by the Government

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Jose Luis Escrivá, has presented what could be the most outstanding measure of the pension system reform, the possible creation of an open and collective pension fund linked to companies. The Minister stated that in the present Government’s opinion, individual pension plans are not achieving the expected […]

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Expertise in mathematics: a new requirement for human resource managers?

On the back of changes in legislation, in technology, and, of course, with the impact of the pandemic, labor relations at companies have moved so quickly that the lawmakers cannot keep up to cover them. In step with this, the profile of the individuals who manage people at companies is changing, and subjects such as […]

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Spain: Is the Rider’s Law the final solution to the problem?

Social partners and the Government have held negotiations in recent months in an attempt to provide a solution in labor legislation for the situation of the so-called riders. Finally, at the end of March 2021, an agreement was reached which culminated in the widely known ‘Rider Law’ passed by Royal Decree-Law 9/2021, which amends the […]

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