Dividends will increase the contribution for self-employed business owners

Self-employed business owners are entitled to compute the income resulting from participation in equity capital for the calculation of annual income, which, in practice, it implies an increase in the self-employed business owner’s contribution, under the new contribution system applicable to them in force since 2023. On January 1, 2023, the reform introduced by Royal […]

Force majeure temporary layoff in Spain: labor solution before a cyberattack?

A judgment by the National High Court opened up the possibility of applying a temporary layoff file as a company is compromised by a hack and cannot go on with its activity as usual. On March 9, 2021, a routine morning at Spain’s State Public Employment Service (SEPE) turned into a day of chaos and […]

Personal days: keys to determining whether they are recoverable days and whether they are to be included for calculating fulfillment of the maximum annual working hours

In order to know how personal days should be treated at each organization, it is essential to check how they are defined in the collective labor agreement and look at the company’s standard practice. We often come across collective labor agreements that contain the worker’s right to take so-called discretionary days off, also known as […]

Can COVID-19 be considered a stigmatized illness for characterization of a dismissal in Spain?

The court judgments that have ruled so far on the characterization of dismissals due to reasons related to COVID-19 -of which a few were described in our October 1, 2020 post-, have done so by interpreting the “dismissal ban” contained in article 2 of Royal Decree-Law 9/2020, which has been extended to remain in effect […]

Accompanying a family member to the doctor does not give rise to paid time off

In a judgment handed down on December 9, the Supreme Court held that paid leave to attend to imperative public and personal duties, regulated in article 37.3 d) of the Workers’ Statute, does not cover a worker accompanying a family member to the doctor. The decision by the Labor Chamber was issued as a result […]

‘Do not disturb’: Digital disconnection and training in the workplace in times of teleworking and COVID-19

Over the last few months the use of distance working in all its forms as a means of promoting flexibility and striking a work/life balance, as a temporary measure to contain COVID-19, is now commonplace in numerous sectors and companies. In this post we analyze the implications of telework in connection with the right to […]

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