Labor and employment implications on the use of instant messaging applications

The widespread use of new communication tools such as instant messaging applications has legal and labor implications that should be taken into account. We review some rulings in this regard. Devices such as cell phones, tablets and computers are part of workers’ personal and professional lives. Furthermore, the increase in working from home as a […]

The EU equates cross-border teleworking to the EU posted employees

A framework agreement has been published that brings the social security treatment of cross-border teleworkers in the EU into line with that of EU posted employees. The Social Security regulation applicable to cross-border teleworking is no longer a ‘rara avis’ but an increasingly common phenomenon that companies will have to learn to live with. The […]

The impact on occupational risk prevention of teleworking from different locations

From the standpoint of occupational risk prevention, the possibility of teleworking from different locations can involve an increase in costs, as well as difficulties in ensuring that workers are adequately protected from the risks of their job position. An employer’s obligation to assess occupational risks is associated with the job position in question. Such assessment […]

Spain: Compensation for teleworking expenses is not to be included in the social security contribution base

According to the Social Security General Treasury’s Noticias RED bulletin 3/2021, compensation paid by employers to their workers for expenses linked to teleworking arrangements is to be excluded from the contribution base. Royal Decree-Law 28/2020 of September 22, 2020 on remote working was published on September 22, 2020, and later became Remote Working Law 10/2021 […]

New clues in the labyrinth of international telework

The Administrative Commission for the Coordination of Social Security Systems of the European Commission has published a guiding memorandum on international telework and the Social Security system applicable in cases in which services are provided remotely under the framework of the European Union. International telework continues to be the great unknown in our legal system, […]

From telework to the metaverse: a challenge for regulating employment relationships

Alberto García The “metaverse” has probably been one of the most repeated terms in the first quarter of 2022 and is also certainly one of the topics least understood by the majority of the public. The possibilities offered by this form of virtual reality are perhaps infinite, but it is worth asking whether it might […]

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