Back to an “ERTE”: solutions on how to survive outbreaks of COVID-19

Companies that have been affected by COVID-19 outbreaks and the strengthening of certain measures and administrative restrictions could consider implementing a temporary collective layoff procedure that enables them to survive the second wave of the pandemic. Companies did not exactly make a killing in August this year. The macroeconomic figures provided by the different official bodies, […]

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What happens with the vacations of workers subject to an ERTE?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on company business, many companies have been forced to use temporary contract suspension and reduced working hour procedures. When deciding what measure to implement, one of the issues that arises is the accrual of vacation during an ERTE. ¿Are workers still entitled to 30 days’ annual vacation […]

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Vacation in the time of covid-19: can the vacation period be changed?

The summer months are here, which is when employees at most companies take their vacations. In the current context created by the pandemic a shortage of work in many sectors and uncertainty over what will happen in the final months of the year are raising a stream of doubts over whether companies can take steps […]

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Striking a work/life balance with covid-19: the new rules on working hours during the plan for easing lockdown

The different phases in the easing of lockdown include going back to work and with this, the need to strike a work/life balance. However, this time there is an additional problem – no school – and those that tend to take care of the children over the holidays (the grandparents) are some of the people […]

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Issues to consider in recovering paid time off during the state of emergency

Pursuant to Royal Decree-law 10/2020 of March 29, 2020, as from the end of the state of emergency on June 21 until December 31, 2020, companies will be able to recover the hours of their workers on paid leave from March 30 to April 9, 2020. The Royal Decree-law forced all workers that were not […]

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Video conferences hosted by the labor courts: online trials make progress with the pandemic

On May 12, the “de-escalation” commenced for the Administration of Justice and on June 4, procedural terms will recommence. Little by little, the courts are returning to business after months in which the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has given rise to progress in holding trials on line. Nevertheless, there are still important steps to be […]

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