Right to a work-life balance vs. the right to rest: which should prevail?

In the event of a conflict between a worker’s right to a work-life balance and the right to rest, which right should prevail? According to the Labor Chamber of the Canary Islands High Court, the right to a work-life balance should always “win” in this conflict, provided that it is evidenced that the timetable chosen […]

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compañeros durante el covid

Resuming of non-essential activities: What should be taken into account?

The role of companies as guarantors of the health and safety of their employees is having an impact on the general welfare of the population. The following is a review of everything companies have to take into account in this new scenario, after resuming non-essential activities. Thursday, April 9 saw the formal termination of the […]

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Pueden despedir a una mujer por su condición

Can the dismissal of a woman become discriminatory on gender grounds?

For a dismissal not to be discriminatory, it suffices to show that there is a ground for dismissal that is entirely free from any type of discrimination. However, the burden of proof falls on the employer and the dismissal can be deemed null and void if this circumstance cannot be evidenced, even if the worker […]

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