Recording of working time: Should travel time be included?

The new regulations on the recording of working time is arousing a number of doubts in relation to their application. One of such doubts is whether or not travel time should be recorded as working time. To resolve the issue, we should ask ourselves whether or not the time devoted to travel should be considered […]

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Is a worker required to obey an international assignment order?

Few questions have raised as much controversy to date in the labor law sphere and, more specifically, in the international work assignment sphere. Initially, the Spanish courts tended to reject the mandatory nature of these instructions on the grounds that article 40 of the Workers’ Statute, decidedly national in its scope, did not expressly contemplate […]

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Ineptitud vs Incapacidad

When ineptitude does not entail disability

This is one of the ongoing (and most incomprehensible) disputes that arise following temporary disability or sick leave. After using up the maximum sick leave, an employee goes to the Disability Assessment Team of the National Social Security Institute (Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social or INSS) for an assessment of the possibility of returning […]

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