Am I entitled to occupy my desk? The courts rule on “hot desks”

The National Court has upheld the decision by a company to reorganize its workstations, occupying space according to availability. It considered that this does not constitute a material modification of working conditions. Some years ago, companies underwent a first major revolution in organizing their space, changing from compartment offices with little space or cubicles to […]

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Equal Pay Day: Steps towards closing the gender gap in Spain

Equal Pay Day is to be held on February 22. Numerous initiatives in Spain and elsewhere contribute to encouraging gender equality at the workplace. Spanish courts have delivered judgments preventing pay discrimination. And on April 14 we will see the entry into force of Spanish legislation requiring greater pay transparency at companies. We examine below […]

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Can I be dismissed for being absent from work due to the weather?

The intensity of a meteorological phenomenon, the risk to the employee and the possibility of proving it are key factors in justifying absence from work. Either by snow and ice or torrential rain, different regions are often severely punished by meteorological phenomena that prevent many workers from attending work (or arriving on time). In this […]

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The supreme court considers that employee consent is not required for video calls

The Supreme Court has ruled that an employee’s consent is not required when using video call applications, increasingly more frequent in the contact center sector and the subject of the overturned 2017 judgment by the National Appellate Court, provided the video calls are necessary to perform an employment contract. On April 10, 2019, the Labor […]

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Employees must give their express consent to the use of their image at work

In the area of labor relations, conflict relating to the use of an employee’s image is common and can also give rise to a wide range of different cases. In addition, due to the increasingly more frequent participation in promotional, commercial and marketing activities, the daily work of certain employees may produce conflict over the […]

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Despacho de abogados derecho laboral post sobre tripulantes de cabina

The courts fail to agree over the law applicable to employment contracts of cabin crew

A legal debate has arisen over which legislation applies to the employment contracts of airline cabin crew: the legislation of the country in which the worker was hired?, or the legislation determined by the employer’s nationality?   When a strike occurs at an airline or at companies providing ground handling services related to air traffic, […]

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