Accompanying a family member to the doctor does not give rise to paid time off

In a judgment handed down on December 9, the Supreme Court held that paid leave to attend to imperative public and personal duties, regulated in article 37.3 d) of the Workers’ Statute, does not cover a worker accompanying a family member to the doctor. The decision by the Labor Chamber was issued as a result […]

What can parents do when their kids’ schools are canceled due to coronavirus?

Some of the measures taken by public authorities to help curb the spread of coronavirus have had a major impact on the workplace and raise questions about how the measures should best be applied in employment relationships. In the past few days, many parents have been affected by one of the government’s measures to curb […]

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The courts introduce new criteria for determining the start date of paid leave

In recent months, several judgments of the Supreme Court and the National Appellate Court – some of them contradictory – have interpreted the moment at which the period for enjoying paid leave should be deemed to start. On April 5, we published a post on the moment when paid leave starts in which we analyzed […]