COVID-19 has given rise to the greatest labor experiment in the history of the world

One of the consequences of COVID-19 has been the complete transformation of labor relations, with a series of challenges for which legislation was not always prepared. Telework in general, the difficult conciliation, virtual meetings and changes in the organization of work have tested both companies and workers in recent weeks. Since the beginning of the […]

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Workforce planning by employers may be the key following the end of the state of emergency

All forecasts point to a gradual recovery of activity, meaning that the return to normality may be accompanied by changes to businesses and to labor relations. COVID-19 and the declaration of the state of emergency have led to stagnation in many industries, with activity being brought to a standstill or a sharp drop in demand for […]

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registro jornada horario obligatoria empresa ley

Compulsory time recording is now a reality

On May 12 next the measure which requires employers to keep a record of the workday comes into force. In this post we explain several recommendations to guarantee effective implementation of the ‘clock-in/clock-out’ system and to monitor the observance of working hours. Since the publication on March 12, 2019 of Royal Decree 8/2019 on urgent […]

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