Towards the standardization of labor compliance

Organizations with an effective labor compliance system in place can improve their reputation and image, strengthening their transparency and business ethics culture. To facilitate this process, an initiative is current underway to develop a UNE standard that helps to improve self-regulation and the development of good practices in the labor relations of companies, through a […]

Entrepreneurship needs a new labor framework

Spain does not currently have employment and Social Security legislation which has adapted to the needs of the new initiatives and businesses of startups. From October 2 to 4 the annual gathering is being held in Madrid of the South Summit, a platform created by Spain Startup together with the IE Business School in 2012, […]

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What is the proper jurisdiction for employers and employees to resolve personal income tax-related issues?

  The issue as to which jurisdiction is competent to hear claims regarding the appropriateness and amount of personal income tax withholdings made by an employer from an employee has been the subject of settled case law. Indeed, the Supreme Court has repeatedly held that the determination of whether or not personal income tax withholdings […]

Compliance and labor relations

Following the introduction into the Spanish legal system of criminal liability of legal persons in 2010, consideration was given to the importance of putting control mechanisms in place to ensure compliance with legislation in order to avoid or reduce such liability as far as possible. These mechanisms, and, in particular, the implementation of compliance programs, […]

Future regulatory framework of employment law: 55 proposals

After 10 months with a caretaker Government in Spain and therefore a limitation of its most important powers (in particular, promoting legislative and political initiatives), a new legislature has now commenced in which we are therefore likely to see the implementation of changes to legislation that will affect a number of areas of Spanish law, […]