Labor and employment implications on the use of instant messaging applications

The widespread use of new communication tools such as instant messaging applications has legal and labor implications that should be taken into account. We review some rulings in this regard. Devices such as cell phones, tablets and computers are part of workers’ personal and professional lives. Furthermore, the increase in working from home as a […]

Is dismissal by email a possibility in Spain?

‘You have a new email. Subject: you have been dismissed.’ Emails of this type may be valid if it can be evidenced that the employee has received it and that this is the usual channel for communication between the parties.   The Canary Island High Court has accepted that a termination of contract notified by email […]

Notification to indefinite-term seasonal workers by ‘WhatsApp’: is it possible?

The use of communication systems such as ‘WhatsApp’ could be, from an organizational perspective, ideal for notifying indefinite-term workers with seasonal contracts, as opposed to other more formal or traditional communications such as by letter or bureaufax, or too informal means such as a simple phone call, but are calls via ‘WhatsApp’ legally viable? The […]

Social Networks bring Big Brother into the world of labor relations

The number of collective bargaining agreements which regulate aspects of the use of social networks is on the increase. Companies can lay down rules on their proper use and regulate certain forms of conduct, insofar as these could prove detrimental to the image, reputation or functioning of the business. It was back in 1949 that […]