Diversity and equality make their way into companies

The introduction of inclusive policies that enable a suitable working environment for LGBT workers is becoming increasingly more common. This commitment takes place under the current legislation and by looking forward to the regulations that are currently being passed. International LGBT Pride Day, held on June 28, seeks to visualize the fight for equality by […]

Pride in greater diversity at companies and in legislation

  Felipe Ochoa Each year in the month of June, everything turns to color. Flags in the street for those that work out of home, multicolor icons in video conferences for those that work at home, rainbows everywhere; public buildings, non-governmental organizations, listed companies, small businesses. There has been a great deal of effort in […]

Inclusion and diversity: beyond equality, what can companies do?

Although Spain is one of the countries with the most advanced legislation on inclusion and diversity, companies can incorporate different initiatives that help to ensure the protection of everyone in a labor environment. On June 26, the world celebrated what is commonly known as the ‘LGBT Pride Day’. The date is not irrelevant and takes us […]

Diversity breaks into Spanish companies

Now that equal opportunity plans are a well-established reality in our legal system, diversity policies have arrived in force. Stricter regulations are slowly requiring companies to adopt specific measures to integrate diversity into their corporate cultures. Companies that are quick to do so with specific policies will have a competitive edge in the near future.Are […]