In light of the risks posed by the current high dependence on energy, it is essential to implement measures that facilitate a reduction in the consumption of energy in the short term. These measures also apply to public servants.

On May 26, 2022, the Official State Gazette published the resolution by the Cabinet passing the plan for measures aimed at energy savings and efficiency in the Central Government and entities of the State institutional public sector.

The plan is aimed at activities that produce imminent energy savings to deal with the energy crisis situation in which we are immersed which, from a labor perspective, are basically the following two specific actions.

Firstly, to reinforce the distance working system for public servants belonging to the Administration (thus displacing the consumption of energy from the workplace to private homes), with the following features:

  • Telework could be carried out in general three days per week, with the obligation to attend work on the other two days, although other distance working systems may be established.
  • A minimum percentage of services provided in person of 40% must be ensured.
  • Telework would be voluntary.
  • Each State entity must pass a working plan that identifies what positions could implement telework.

Furthermore, the Administration promotes sustainable labor mobility measures for its personnel and, in particular:

  • Promotion of the use of bicycles, by providing safe parking in public buildings.
  • Promoting of collective transport routes, as well as the use of public transport.

This plan also includes training for public servants aimed at promoting energy savings both at work and at home.

We are unaware of the actual impact that these measure will have, however it is clear that sustainable labor mobility is more than just a trend and has become a real situation that would also extend to private companies, under the framework of corporate social responsibility policies.

Pedro José Pérez Sánchez

Garrigues Labor and Employment Department