GPS doesn’t work for recording working time

The Supreme Court has rejected the GPS-based time control system implemented by a company because it is not able to calculate working time in its entirety. A recent order by the Supreme Court has shed some more light on the characteristics that working time recording systems implemented by companies should have. The context in which […]

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despacho laboral

Can they fire me if I don’t agree to working part-time?

A judgment from the Supreme Court reopens the debate on dismissals of employees who refuse to change their full-time contract to part-time when there is a reduction in the company’s workload. A full-time contract is linked to the performance of the tasks specific to the category engaged, within the working hours set by the collective […]

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The “uberization” of labor relations

When A.M. Snelson called Uber a “modern business phenomenon” in October 2016 and concluded that its drivers were not independent collaborators but rather were linked to the platform by means of a labor relationship, he didn’t know that in handing down his Judgment in London he was laying the foundations for a global review of […]

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