“For the love of green”: labor law will be greener than ever

Labor relations in the next few decades will be marked by the green transition and the impact that it will have on the world of work. In the area of labor law we are beginning to tackle huge challenges that have given labor law matters in companies and in society a qualitative leap forward. In […]

Pride in greater diversity at companies and in legislation

  Felipe Ochoa Each year in the month of June, everything turns to color. Flags in the street for those that work out of home, multicolor icons in video conferences for those that work at home, rainbows everywhere; public buildings, non-governmental organizations, listed companies, small businesses. There has been a great deal of effort in […]

what are transnational framework agreements and why you didn’t know you want one

Transnational company agreements bolster company-worker relations by providing clear and stable rules. These kinds of agreements have been being signed for 10 years and there are already more than 300 identified in the joint database of the International Labor Organization and the European Commission. Lately I feel like a smartphone: the more I get updated, I […]

Towards a green work model: 10 initiatives in the working environment

Companies can promote small changes in the working environment which contribute to environmental conservation: from arranging buses or company routes to teleworking, including the creation of the necessary jobs to monitor sustainable development.  The connection between environmental issues and those of the world of work may seem remote, since they are of such a different […]

Starting out in the garage and reaching the top: it’s (also) a social issue

In order to be a success, big ideas and important projects need to have a social conscience, and a clear and specific commitment to corporate social responsibility, whether it is a start-up or a company listed on the stock exchange. The work environment has much to contribute to added value, and to enhancing the manner […]

El expatriado: “una historia de ida y vuelta”

The expat: “a return journey”

In a previous blog entry we looked into some of the concerns that are frequently generated in global human resources and employment relations environments, specifically when foreign companies and employees disembark in Spain. We will now focus on the opposite phenomenon, that is, the dynamic of assigning workers abroad, a situation which, rather than a […]

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