Family co-responsibility, key element to equal opportunities for men and women at the workplace

Co-responsibility is the equal sharing of household chores and family responsibilities between men and women. The latest legislative reforms on equality in the workplace (and the interpretation of judicial bodies) are inspired by this concept, seeking to ensure that men and women enjoy equally measures related to family care. The aim: ensuring that women’s professional […]

Performance appraisal systems have labor as well as data protection implications

Systems that measure performance are essential for companies, as the individual productivity of their staff directly affects their competitiveness. The implementation  and/or modification of these systems, as well as the appraisal of performance, may have legal implications that are not only limited to labor law but also impact other areas such as data protection. In […]

3-day weekends: a real possibility?

In a year still marked by the pandemic and by its impact on employment, there is an ongoing public debate in Spain regarding the possibility of reducing working time to 4 days a week. At the beginning of 2021 the Government promised the political party Más País to perform a social experiment aimed at having […]

No protection from employers for breastfeeding working mothers could be discrimination on grounds of sex

Equality between female and male employees at the workplace is very topical at the moment and over recent months a completely new movement has appeared in Spain seeking to stamp out any discrimination against female workers on grounds of sex. Still a source of conflict is the protection of women who are pregnant, have recently […]