Spain: The “necessary” hearing of the employee prior to his/ her disciplinary dismissal

Recently, several court rulings have been handed down on the alleged obligation to comply with the prior hearing of the worker in cases of disciplinary dismissal. These rulings may change the procedure to be followed in future dismissals. In Spain, Article 55 of the Workers’ Statute (onwards WS) provides that, if the case appears that […]

New changes coming in relation to conciliation

The recent changes that have taken place in our personal and working environments, together with the needs of families particularly evident as a result of the pandemic, have again brought to light the issue of conciliation between personal, professional and family life. The following is an analysis of several proposals of conciliation in a national, […]

The role of companies in sustainable worker mobility

In Spain, on any average working day, there are approximately 37 million trips to and from work. The Sustainable Economy Law contemplates the development of company transport plans aimed at promoting less-contaminating means of worker mobility. On the occasion of World Bicycle Day on June 3 and World Environment Day on June 5, we analyze […]