Measures to reduce the environmental impact of work-related travel: A new trend?

Italy has recently approved measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of workers to and from work. Other European Union countries may also decide to take steps in the same direction, so it could be the start of a new trend in the future of sustainable work-related mobility.  The adoption of the “European Green Deal” […]

Prorating special payments: to do or not to do?

It is relatively frequent for employers to prorate, on a monthly basis, the two special payments usually paid in the summer and at Christmas. But … when is it actually possible to do this legally? To answer this question, we must first take a look at article 31 of the Workers’ Statute, which establishes the […]

Labor jurisdiction adapts to covid-19: on-line trials, preferential processing and time limits

  The health crisis has caused an authentic revolution in the field of Justice. The suspension of proceedings and arrival of new matters directly related to the consequences of the pandemic have made it necessary to take measures in order to meet the new needs of the labor jurisdiction, which was already overburdened. The following […]

For the purposes of the registration of daily working hours … participation in commercial events is considered as effective working time.

Royal Decree-law 8/2019 on urgent measures for social protection and the fight against labor insecurity with respect to working hours recently amended article 34 of the Workers’ Statute and established a duty for companies to effectively guarantee the registration of daily working hours as of May 12, 2019. Furthermore, the Court of Justice of the […]

To have access to a public contract, companies must adopt measures for disabled workers

To have access to a public contract, companies must adopt measures for disabled workers

Breaching the law that requires reserving job positions for disabled persons not only entails statutory penalties but now may also bar a company from the possibility of opting for a significant public contract. Since this past March 2018, according to the new wording of the Public Sector Contracts Law, there is a statutory prohibition on […]